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Submission Rules:

We are a Daniel fic archive. We require Daniel content in your story. This means we're looking for stories where the pairing includes Daniel, or Gen stories involving Daniel. The issue is about Daniel playing a prominent role in the story - it doesn't have to be about Daniel or from his POV, but he has to be there and be instrumental to what is going on. So, we'd reject a story where it was one chapter of Daniel getting bonked on the head and four chapters of the rest of the team running around doing stuff while Daniel was in the infirmary recovering off-screen and unmentioned. However, a story where Daniel was bonked on the head and Jack was looking after him would be more likely to be something we'd accept.

If your story has Daniel and another character thinking about, talking about or actually getting together, dating, or having sex, then it's either het or slash (depending on the sex of the other person). If your story does not have any of those things, it's gen. Be aware, however, that a story focused on another pairing where Daniel happens to be there as well is much more likely not to be accepted, since one of our criteria for accepting stories is that they should be mostly about Daniel.

Our standard format avoids overuse of bolds or italics, and has a line between paragraphs. Please use the standard font.

Daniel/OC primary pairings are a tough sell.

We do not accept stories with underaged characters in sexual situations, crossovers (this includes crossovers with Atlantis--sorry), or "real person" fic. Sorry.

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