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Welcome! All Daniel Fic is an archive for fanfic about the character Daniel Jackson from the television show Stargate SG-1. We're not an OTP (One True Pairing) archive, we're an OTC (One True Character) archive. As such, we accept any and all Daniel pairings--het, slash, and multiple--and Daniel-centric gen.

Please watch where you click! Not every story in the archive will appeal to every reader. Pay attention to the slash, het, and multiple labels if one or more of those things aren't to your liking. It's easy to exclude things you don't like via the search engine.

If you have a livejournal, you can get updates for this site here. There is also a livejournal community for the archive and discussion of maintenance, new features, downtime, etc.

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It's come to our attention that people have been receiving emails which purport to be from AllDanielFic. Unless you have recently submitted a fic, in which case you'd get confirmation of it being validated or rejected (and an explanation of the latter), there would be no reason for you to receive an email from us. 

If you receive one of these emails, please delete it. We would advise you not to click on any links within the email - please do not forward it to us, as there is nothing we can do about it. 

Graculus on 08/15/09 - 04:12AM (0 Comments)

On story information...
Just a brief reminder that if you're posting a story, there's no need to include the story information again in the text of what you're submitting. In fact, we'd prefer it if you didn't, since we tend to strip that out anyway before stories are approved so that all the stories on the archive are set out in a similar way. The same thing goes for chapter headers in the story text if you're posting a multiple-chapter story.
Graculus on 06/16/06 - 10:23AM (0 Comments)

A Candle for SB.
Chance passed away on March 19, 2006. She was a kind, warm, funny, and friendly person. She was only 26 years old.

|_| A candle for SB. You'll be in my heart.
Xochiquetzl on 03/27/06 - 09:03AM (1 Comments)

Congratulations to our Isis Award Winners!

Jess, for "A Tale of Spilled Coffee."
Little Heaven, for "Downpour."
MegTDJ, for "On the Threshhold" and "Beeps."
Meriem Clayton, for "I Did Say I Do" and "The Blonde in the BDU."
Moonshayde, for "Three."
Tiv ester, for "Death Shall Have No Dominion."
Xochiquetzl on 03/23/06 - 06:22PM (0 Comments)

Abuse of the Review function

It's come to our attention that some people are abusing the review function. We'll assume that they're pasting in reviews they've received elsewhere. Even so, second-hand reviews are not allowed and will be deleted.

Who has posted a review is quite clear in the database, as is whether an author has responded to a review.

If you'd like to encourage a strong reviewer culture on All Daniel Fic, why not review several stories? Authors love reviews, and will be thrilled to hear your thoughts. And authors who recognize your name from your reviewing their work are more likely to read and review yours.

Xochiquetzl on 02/23/06 - 05:31PM (0 Comments)

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We have 768 stories and 105 authors in this archive.
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Gen (191) Stories without a pairing.
Het (278) Stories with a heterosexual pairing.
Slash (272) Stories with a homosexual pairing.
Multiples (12) Threesomes and moresomes.
Featured Stories
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A Cup of Coffee At 2 AM by moms2398 (PG)
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Night Patrol by Catsmeow (G)
After a mission, Jack makes the rounds before he can sleep. ...

Our Life If by ilna (PG)
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Daniel Jackson - boxers or briefs? Jack O'Neill knows, and someday, he'd li...

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I Would Give Anything To See You Again by LE McMurray (PG-13)
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Overture in Slow Motion by L C (G)
 1)overture - opening or initiating move toward ...

Some Things Change, Some Things Remain the Same by Erin (NC-17)
Previously known as "Definitely Not in Kansas Anymore" started an...

Flowers by Random (PG)
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Every possibility, every choice I had ever made, even choices I hadn’...

Random Story
Just Friends by Random R
In Fallen, Daniel asks, "Was there ever anything between us?" and ...

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